Supplied complete with a set of screw in applicator tips (including the ss8 and ss12 tips, which the majority of suppliers do not provide!). Tips included are: ss6, ss8, ss10, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34 and flat tips 4mm and 9mm,ideal for apply shaped hot fix cryshine x 2 which can be used to attach Rhinestuds, Nailheads and stones for which there are no tips available. The Hot Spots do not pick up they are just a heating attachment. This new improved design applicator wand is brilliant for use on Fabric, Card, Bridal Wear, Bags, Shoes, Candles etc

Easy to use. Select the attachment required depending on the size of stone and screw in. Plug in the Crystal Applicator and wait a couple of minutes for the tool to heat up. Place some Precosia Hot-Fix rhinestones on a plate (shiny side up). Gently pick up with the applicator, wait a few seconds for the glue on the back of the stone to melt and place down onto your work, using a small knife and pin in the slot to help the stone out if necessary. If put on correctly the stones are fully washable. The also stay put on cards through the post.

There are several hotfix applicator wands on the market place, we have stocked the Kandi Kane Professional Touch for several years.  Below are the benefits of the Kandi HotFix Applicators against other hotfix wands:

Kandi Professional Touch applicators have anintegrated LIT On/Off Switch for Safety and Convenience.  Other applicator wands need to be plugged/unplugged and the user never knows when it is hot.

The Kandi handle was designed by aLicensed Physical Therapist to properly fit the consumer’s hands.  Other applicator wands handle is uni-directional and awkward to use.

Other wands require 3 – 5 minutes to heat up before it is ready.  The Professional Touchheats up in 2 minutes, twice as fast.

Unlike some wands, the Professional Touchwill not roll or slide off the table when set down.  It is not supplied with a support stand, because itdoes not need a support stand.

Kandi spent thousands of dollars to developtips that work correctly with hotfix crystals – FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.  Other applicators on the market force you to use workarounds like tweezers because their tips do not work correctly.

Superior Engineering.  The defect rate on Kandi hotfix applicators is infinitesimally small, approachingZero Quality Defects.  After many years in the field, and several hundred thousand applicators sold, our customer’s quality experience is almost perfect.

Crystal Applicator Wand Complete with 8 Tips

Crystal Applicator Wand Complete with 8 Tips

Crystal Applicator Wand Complete with 8 Tips

£28.50 ( Inc VAT )

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