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How to apply your Preciosa Crystal Rhinestones (Hot Fix and Non Hot Fix)

There are two types of Flat Back Rhinestones. Hot Fix and Non Hot Fix and as the name suggests the back of the Rhinestone is flat and smooth.

Non Hot Fix Flat Back Rhinestones  These Rhinestones do not have pre applied glue on.  The flat back of the crystal is left clear for you to apply your own bonding agent. Depending on the surface that you are applying your crystals to, there are two adhesives I would suggest.  Gemtac is perfect for fabrics, paper, leather or vinyl and is non toxic.  It also drys very quickly to form a clear flexible surface that is washable once dry.
For something a little stronger you can try E600 which is an industrial strength glue that is perfect for flip flops, shoes, mobile phones and other more solid surfaces.  It sticks to almost anything and drys clear and flexible.  However, use carefully and follow instructions and use in a well ventilated room.
To apply your Rhinestones a simple tool like either the Jewel Setter or the Sticky Pick Up Pencil are perfect.  Lay your crystals flat back down with the faceted crystal showing and using the sticky end of your tool pick up your crystal, apply the glue where you want to set it or even onto the crystal flat back surface and set in place.  You can use the pointy end of the Jewel Setter or a cocktail stick to make any adjustments to the position if you need to.  Remember the glue will dry clear.

Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones are coated with a pre applied glue. If it’s the first time that you are using Hot Fix Crystals it may be worth using an iron, although the Kandi Kane Applicator is a perfect tool and not difficult to master.
By applying heat to the Crystals surface the heat softens the glue on the back and bonds the Crystal to the fabric. However, make sure the fabric itself can take the heat, otherwise we would suggest using Non Hot Fix Crystals

Transfer Film is perfect for creating your own designs and very simple to use.
First create your design on a piece of plain paper.  Peel the Transfer film and secure the backing base on top of your design. The design will show through. Do not discard the clear sticky part.
Using Tweezers arrange the crystals over your design, (or a cocktail stick is useful for adjusting the Crystals) then carefully place the clear sticky part of the film back over the top of the Crystals and add a little pressure for your Crystal design to be stuck to the clear film. Once the Crystals are secure, remove the back and lay the clear transfer over the fabric. Use your iron without steam and apply the heat evenly. Make sure your fabric can take the heat! When the transfer has cooled, gently peel away the film and the crystals should remain in place. If not, re position and apply more heat.
These are easy techniques to master and you will soon be creating stunning designs.

(These are approx. sizes)

ss5 = 1.7 mm...(generally used for nail art)
ss6 = 1.9  mm
ss7 =  2.1  mm
ss8 =  2.3 mm
ss9 =  2.5 mm
ss10 = 2.7 mm
ss12 = 3 mm
ss16 = 4 mm
ss20 = 5mm
ss30 = 6.5 mm
ss34 = 7 mm
ss40 = 8.5 mm
ss48 = 11mm

Have Fun and be individual!